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Shooting in Prague erotic story

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Hello boys and girls. Maybe you are wondering if the life of a porn star escort is easy and how we act behind the scenes. Today I prepared a special surprise for you. I will tell you a few “behind the scenes” secrets of a porn shooting from Prague, which is the capital of porn industry.

If you watch a porn movie, you can think that is very simple, just to fuck all day, but believe me, a real porn star have to pay attention on little details too. Positions of her legs, the eye contact, moaning, and believe me, these things can be quite exhausting.

Long time sex is the first thing that’s exhausting. I enjoy sex, but when a female and male actor have to do it for 2 hours continuously, without breaks, in strange positions, like in cars or trucks or other freaky places, believe me, the only thing you are waiting for is to arrive home and sleep. Also for male actors, to keep the erection for 2 hours, it is a big word. There are lucky male actors, who can do it without Viagra or injections, if you don’t believe me, search on the Internet.

Also do you think we are using condoms all the time on our shootings? No way, because the actresses and actors have to make tests and it’s almost impossible to get a job if you are willing to work only with condoms. In Prague the usage of condom was not allowed as well.

It is said that porn stars earn lot of money without working so hard. This is very bad point of view because we are working hard for our money like anyone else. We sacrifice our private lives, as everyone can find us on the Internet, we cannot live our lives like simple citizens. We are travelling a lot, but it’s fine to see new places and meet new people. We are glad all the time because of our jobs, because we entertain many men, we help couples to rediscover their sexuality.

What about female orgasms? Do you think they are all real? No, they are not. We get paid to fake in the best way our orgasms. Sometimes our orgasms are real, but it’s not the case most of the time.

Being a porn star, you have to be prepared to have sex with people who you don’t really like, but for money, you have to make sacrifices. In Prague for example, I made a movie with my boyfriend. Then with a local couple who were married, so believe me, love in porn industry is possible, if you are able to separate your work from your personal life.

All in all, working in porn industry is fascinating, I enjoyed most of my movies so far.

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